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  1. Remember that fever that didn’t mean anything? That same fever ended up meaning a double ear infection, which in turn meant super duper antibiotics to which she ended up being somewhat allergic….

  2. I would be camping every weekend with one of these.

  3. Since I had to look up what BBW means, I think I’m most DEFINITELY not hip anymore.

  4. You ever have one of those days where you needed to find something hilarious and totally unrelated to the crap you’re dealing with?  I am and I did.

  5. Inspiration for Thriller?

  7. I could give two flips about The Matrix, but I always like Lego porn.

  8. Not sure how I feel about this, though I am for sure certain that Daniel Craig looks better in a dress than I do.

  9. Will this ever not be funny?

  10. Part of our Christmas present to ourselves was a new router. Part of my laptop’s Christmas present to me was to refuse to recognize our new network. Truthfully, it was actually pretty nice having a…